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Feel Better.

Be Better.

Do Better.

Assisting women in healing from trauma through Medicinal Somatic Massage.

Helping you live your most authentic life and feeling more at home in your body. 


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Somatic Massage

Different massage techniques used, ranging from gentle massage to deep tissue and Structural Integration along the meridian channels. Using acupressure points in a massage session stimulates the meridians, prompting self-healing by increasing the circulation of blood and lymph. This massage is geared towards healing the physical body along with traumatic and emotional wounds. Targeting and releasing the muscle and fascia that is storing trauma, allows for a somatic release.



Simple hands on Japanese energy technique that allows you space to tap into your own healing abilities while finding deep relaxation and reduction of stress. There are no massage techniques used in this session, and client stays fully clothed.

Peaks Above Clouds

Deep Tissue/Structural Integration

You will receive an all encompassing *Deep Tissue and Myofascial Massage* which integrates Structural Integration, Bioenergetics, BodyMind (Ken Dychtwald), Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Postural Analysis. You will leave feeling more clear and able mentally, physically and emotionally. Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue, also know as fascia, of the body.It works to lengthen, stretch, and soften this tissue to restore postural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of being more at home in your own body.


IMRS 2000

The IMRS 2000 is the only Full Body Mat PEMF device that uses the Research-Proven squarewave along with a proven Sawtooth on its full body mat. The benefits that come from the IMRS 2000 are; pain reduction, stress relief, improves circulation, strengthens immune system, nutrition absorption, tissue regeneration, and so much more.



Pricing Made Simple


Mobile Massage: $100 for 60 minutes and $150 for 90 minutes

Reiki: $70 for 45 minutes

IMRS: $100 for (4) 20 minute sessions

(package options available upon request for savings)


About Linn

Linn is a graduate from the renowned Pacific College of Oriental Medicine based out of

San Diego, CA.

She has intuitively been working with the human body the majority of her life. It wasn't until she was a teenager that she realized, she had been practicing Reiki and using points on the meridians to heal herself and others as a child.

" I was not aware of what I was doing. I just did whatever felt right. When I was hurting, I would push on certain points of my body. As I got older I started realizing there was a name to what I had been doing and that it was an actual technique."

After losing the majority of her family to cancer, including her mother who died at the age of 40, Linn began diving into her natural gifts even further. She started her journey with Holistic Nutrition and Functional Medicine, helping people better their lives through diet and healing dis-ease through natural medicine.

As time went on, she became a yoga instructor and taught people the importance of moving the body and the connection between illness and movement. It was through Yoga that she became ready to dive deeper into the practice of Reiki and started sharing it with the community.

Naturally she stepped into Massage Therapy. She had been doing bodywork for friends and family for over ten years before she decided she wanted to take it further and offer it on a professional level. With a background in Eastern Medicine, she was attracted to Eastern Massage Modalities which led her into studying to be a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. After learning more about the meridians, acupuncture and eastern deep tissue, she found her passion in the combination of Somatic Release and Eastern Deep Tissue Massage.

The results she was seeing in her clients just from these two modalities alone, were phenomenal. She was not only able to alleviate physical pain and symptoms, but was also assisting her clients in deep emotional release that had not been dealt with, simply through Somatic Massage.

" My clients were not only coming back to me looking physically better as far as their stance, and structure were concerned, but they also looked happier and were taking huge leaps in their lives that they never thought was possible. It's beautiful to see the emotional release as well, because that is were the deepest beauty lies".

She continues to serve her community and offer healing wherever she is able while also continuing to deepen her practice and forever continue her education as time evolves.

In her spare time, Linn loves spending time with her two rescues pitbulls,

     rock climbing, and educating people about the body and health.



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